The Great TB March

(from March to March)


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Adventure Points were invented for this race (as far as we know), but you're welcome to use the idea for your own TB race if you wish.

A racer can earn one adventure point every time...

  • it visits or is dropped in a mega-event.
  • its logged visit is enhanced with at least one uploaded image.
  • it visits or is dropped in a cache which has at least 75 favorite points.
  • it visits or is dropped in one of the 51 "oldest geocaches in a US state" (as listed here.) (2 points for "Mingo.") 
  • it visits or is dropped at Groundspeak Headquarters.
  • it visits a cache with difficulty 5 (1 point) or terrain 5 (1 point) or both (2 points). (But please don't drop it there, its owner wants it to keep moving!)
  • it changes hands. (This is to reward dropping as opposed to visiting: a well-traveled cacher can give a racer lots of miles, and that's fine, but being moved from cacher to cacher is perhaps more adventurous.)

Multiple adventure points may be earned with one log. Example: your racer is dropped in Mingo (2 points) with an uploaded photo (1 point). Mingo has been favorited well over 75 times (in fact over twenty times that) (1 point). The TB is grabbed from Mingo by another cacher (1 point). A total of 5 adventure points has been won.  

Adventure points only start to accrue post-launch.

NOTE: The race directors will try to identify these with each update, but if you feel that an adventure point has been overlooked you can contact us with the information.