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Blog posts November 2016

Spotlight on Racing SWAT Truck

November 27, 2016

Racing SWAT Truck has accomplished one of the most interesting itineraries in the Great TB March. Some of the highlights:
- 10 different countries
- 9 different US states, including Hawaii
- Nebraska's oldest cache, Go Big Red
- Missouri's oldest cache, Watts Mill
- British Columbia's oldes…

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Country 35: Liechtenstein

November 26, 2016

Caching USA is enjoying a European adventure, but logged nearly 15,000 fictitious miles because of out-or-order and erroneous logs. It's the latest racer to visit Switzerland.

Racing SWAT Truck is compiling European national visits as well. Not only did this racer become the 3rd to visit Switzerl…

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Off to the Great White North

November 20, 2016

Which TB Marcher has been the farthest north? At first glance the nominees would be Becca's Way, Anti-Bully Voodoo Doll and JB's Bug Will Travel. I believe most of the TB March Canadian visitors haven't been very far north, but I'll check them when I get the chance. (Those Canadian visits just over …

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Who's gone south the most?

November 20, 2016

Which TB Marcher has been furthest south? There are 4 likely candidates, each of which has visited the southern hemisphere.

Mrs HuntinTrea$ure Racer has been to S 33° 26.379 in Chile.
Kartchner Caverns logged S 25° 41.256 in Argentina.
SpongeBob & Paracord Man logged S 20° 16.534 on Maur…

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Big jump for Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo

November 20, 2016

After touring Hawaii for four months, Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo jumped 3200 miles to Alberta, just outside Edmonton. Bibbidi is the 12th TB Marcher to visit Canada. 16% of all of the racers have logged Canada so far. The next highest visitation rate? Italy and Germany have each been logged by 9 different …

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Total mileage race update

November 19, 2016

37989 Purple Racer
28159 Kartchner Caverns
23652 Caching USA
23389 Racing SWAT Truck
22666 JB's Bug Will Travel
22579 RBMAN's Dog Tag

Despite the issues of phantom mileage due to fictitious and/or out-or-order logs, it looks like the overall mileage race might become interesting after all. P…

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Weekend highlights, 11/19

November 19, 2016

A grand total of 3154 adventure points have been amassed by all 73 racers. JB's Bug Will Travel has earned 509 adventure points. RBMAN's Dog Tag is right behind at 503. RBMAN's Dog Tag is the photo log leader, and also leads in changes between cachers (although it's been back and forth between 2 cac…

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Weekend highlights, 11/13

November 13, 2016

Two weeks' worth of updates follow.

3OK's Green Hippy Van is the 11th TB Racer to log Canada.

Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo is back on the move. It spent several months in a Stargate Wormhole, the type of TB hotel where a trackable can get sent directly to another wormhole (I assume by mail), but did no…

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