The Great TB March

(from March to March)

Blog posts March 2016

March Highlights

March 26, 2016

In the first month of the Great TB March (from March to March) the racers have begun to scatter nicely on the map. Here are some highlights:

- Over half of the racers have changed hands at least once after the first post-launch log.
- Great TB March racers have logged Nebraska, Washington, Calif…

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New Adventure Point Milestone

March 22, 2016

Full updates to the stats for adventure points, states and mileage will be up as soon as they are fully compiled, but there's time for a brief announcement: the racers making their way through Utah's national parks have been logged into some D/T 5/5 caches, so another adventure point first is off th…

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What Happens in Vegas

March 20, 2016

Good Minion Goes On a Geocaching RoadtripTheBeave's Road Tripping Hippy Van, and TheBeave's Surfin' Safari Hippy Van all cruised the Las Vegas strip and visited the 5 highly-favorited virtual and traditional caches there. That's five additional adventure points -- way to go! How about some photos…

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A Tale of Two Tiggers

March 18, 2016

Both of the Tiggers in the race are having wonderful things happen to them. Lyric's Tigger TB is vacationing in Lombardy, Italy. Bouncing Tigger is on a 5-state road trip including Chimney Rock and the Black Hills of South Dakota. Check out their TB pages and the photo gallery for highlights. TTFN …

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3 states' oldest off the list

March 16, 2016

Two racers visited Missouri's First - Watts Mill, bringing the total of states' oldest caches to 3: Nebraska, Illinois, and Missouri.

Another oldest cache in state visited

March 15, 2016

Mrs. HuntinTrea$ure Racer has visited Beverly, Illnois' oldest cache and the world's 3rd oldest. GO BIG RED, Nebraska's oldest, has been visited by several racers. 2 down!

Lyric's TIGGER TB lands in Italy

March 13, 2016

Barely a week after the race launch events, Lyric's TIGGER TB has made the leap to Italy. The mileage will be hard to beat for a while, as Tigger flew 10 times the distance of the previous mileage leaders in one jump. The TB page has no travel photos as of yet, but you can find a Google street view …

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Photos mean adventure

March 12, 2016

If you encounter a racer competing in The Great TB March, be sure and upload a photo of the TB visiting or being dropped in a cache! Not only is this a great way to compile a memory book for the racer's adventures, but each log that includes such an uploaded image earns an adventure point for the ra…

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Lincoln launch event

March 6, 2016

From Itzzie, race co-director and Lincoln launch event host:

At the Lincoln Launch, held at DaVincis we had great conversation, many stories and tons of laughter.  We did a run down of the rules and everyone admired all the racers.  We enjoyed great food and a little smack talk as well.  The race…

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73 Racers on the March

March 5, 2016

A couple of racers are still getting their tracking codes worked out, and once they do we'll have a total of 73 racers in the Great TB March (from March to March). With the exception of those 2, I believe I have all of the racers' thumbnails on the "Entrants" page. Please let me know (e-mail here) i…

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Omaha launch event

March 5, 2016

The Omaha launch event was held at Swanson Public Library. The library was a busy place, with the book sale going on simultaneously. Mrs. WB handled the registration while Mr. WB was busy helping racers get ready for the start; our library host Anansi et al first had to take care of storytime upstai…

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Nearly 50 Racers So Far

March 4, 2016

The night before the launch events, we're at nearly 50 racers. Hope to see you at the starting line!


One of the racers is showing some mileage despite some mistaken, then deleted logs. Any accidental pre-launch mileage will be subtracted for the purposes of the race.

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Launch event schedules

March 1, 2016

Schedules for the Lincoln and Omaha launch events have been posted on the geocache event pages (Lincoln here and Omaha here); scrolling down the logs will bring you to the announcement on each. The schedules differ, because Lincoln's venue opens later than Omaha. It's also possible for intrepid soul…

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