The Great TB March

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Weekend highlights, 9/24

September 24, 2016

Lyric's Tigger TB has run a unique race. It was the first TB Marcher to make an international jump, with a visit to Italy a week after the race started. It sat undisturbed for three months, being discovered twice, before being retrieved and dropped into a different Lombardy cache. Tigger was just pi…

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30th country logged: Montenegro

September 24, 2016

AD3-WIN the Race! and Caching USA journeyed to Italy, and then to Montenegro, the 30th nation logged in the Great TB March. (If I may editorialize briefly, I never imagined that 30 different nations would be visited in 7 months; I was hoping for maybe 7 or 8 countries visited in the whole yearlong …

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Friends of the Great TB March (part 2)

September 17, 2016

Time for the second edition of Friends of the Great TB March, spotlighting the worldwide cachers giving the racers such great adventures.

Here's Christiane691, who has accompanied Verneta Alice in Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

The Geokashers family is from the San Francisco Bay area, a…

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28th, 29th nations logged: Switzerland, Cape Verde

September 16, 2016

Switzerland and Cape Verde are the 28th and 29th nations logged by racers in the Great TB March. Cape Verde (or Cabo Verde) is an island nation off West Africa consisting of an archipelago of 10 volcanoes. Wwdig and neoncacher have a minute is the visitor to Cape Verde; Verneta Alice is the TB Mar…

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JB's Bug Will Travel moves up the mileage list

September 11, 2016

JB's Bug Will Travel has traveled into 4th place on the logged mileage list, passing Race Me! by about 30 miles. JB's Bug, Race Me! and ParaCord Man are likely to all be trading places in the coming weeks, as they are all active and very close in overall mileage. You're likely to see them out of str…

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New fun

September 10, 2016

If you feel like geeking out over some data graphics, I've added two new toys to the bottom of the existing graphs. If you visit state by state, scroll down and then pick a US state or territory, it will interactively display which racers have visited. Here's what you'll get for North Caro…

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Welcome to the second half: weekly highlights

September 10, 2016

Rip Van Racers: these are the racers who woke up this week after being asleep for several weeks or more.
Evil Minion Eat Sleep Cache
Verneta Alice

Mrs HuntinTrea$ure Racer was in Santiago, Chile as of September 5, our only racer currently in the southern hemisphere.

ParaCord Man has been tou…

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Evil Minion visits a Dutch haunted house

September 10, 2016

Evil Minion just landed in a fun, highly-favorited cache in the Netherlands. It's a "spookhuisje" in the local language; the haunted house hangs by the front door, and the key it holds unlocks the wooden cache container below. Notice how Caspar lives way up top, under the roof line. We need one of t…

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Highlights: Prime Meridian, JB's Bug

September 3, 2016

JB's Bug Will Travel has completed its Alaskan adventure, and also found the time to go international, crossing the Canadian border into British Columbia. The photo gallery for this travel bug is truly spectacular, and is highly recommended. Adventure point total is currently 433. 

Wwdig & neonc…

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Chile (and South America) visited

September 2, 2016

Mrs. HuntinTrea$ure Racer has not only unlocked a new country (Chile) in the Great TB March, but an entire continent (South America) as well. It visited what looks like an amazingly beautiful place, a desert lake famous for its flamingos. 

In this area, geocaches are somewhat sparse; the nea…

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