The Great TB March

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2-week recap (part 1): Texas' oldest, Portugal

February 19, 2017

2 weeks left in the Great TB March! We do have a few items on our wishlist:
- The only continent unvisited is Australia.
- Despite being very nearly visited and even sometimes surrounded, there are some European countries left unlogged. Sweden, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are among those. 
- The only US states unvisited are Delaware, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.
- The remaining US territories unvisited are American Samoa, Guam & the Northern Marianas.
- While we've covered the Caribbean pretty well, there are still some more ports of call we could log. For example, we've been to the Haitian side of Hispaniola, but not the Dominican Republic.

09-09-09 Cloud Nine unlocked our 41st nation with a visit to Portugal. This racer spent some quality time on Sao Miguel Island in the Azores.

Bouncing Tigger jumped into New York and New Jersey to log his 21st and 22nd states, tying for second place with Mom & Little J's Event. Six racers have logged New York state (and three have visited New Jersey), but none of them logged New York City while there. Scamper the Prairie Dog came closest, but even that was way outstate.

Caching USA is the latest racer to log Germany, the tenth racer to do so. Caching USA lived up to its name for the first five months of the race, but has spent the time since in Europe. Germany is this racer's 6th national visit.

Guru's Yellow Rubber Ducky logged Wisconsin. JB's Bug Will Travel is keeping a fairly low profile lately, but still has accrued 1,442 adventure points.

JB's Racing Heart has done something its accomplished sibling JB's Bug Will Travel has not done -- logged the oldest cache in Texas! 3 caches from 2000 were on this racer's list this past week including Tombstone, the oldest in Texas. 

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