The Great TB March

(from March to March)

2-week recap (part 2)

February 19, 2017

Mileage leader Kartchner Caverns is about to take a big leap again. According to the logs a trip to the Bahamas is about to commence, which would give us our 42nd national visit. Looks like this amazing racer, which has logged the APE cache in Brazil and even been to Antarctica, has more tricks up its sleeve. Stay tuned!

As soon as it was in a tie for 2nd place (with Bouncing Tigger) in visited US states and territories, Mom & Little J's Event added one more with a trip to Maryland.

Paracord Man has returned to Germany after a long tour of Slovakia. This racer went overseas just a month into the race, and has changed hands 14 times.

Race Me! has returned to Luxembourg from its trip to Spain. 

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