The Great TB March

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Nations 43-45: 09-09-09 update

February 25, 2017

One week left in the Great TB March!

We're catching up with 09-09-09 Cloud 9 Multievent's adventures. After it left Finland in late January, it visited Brazil, Grenada, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Lucia, and then the previously noted Barbados. 3 of those island nations are new to the race, so that brings the total of worldwide national visits to 45. Then it was on to the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores (as previously noted), and then all the way to southwest England. This grand tour takes 09-09-09 Cloud 9 up to second place in total mileage, and up the charts in national visits, with 9. Here's a photo from a TB summit in Barbados:

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