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The home stretch, part 3

March 4, 2017

09-09-09 Cloud Nine continues its stunning comeback at the eleventh hour, as it adds Malaysia and Brunei to our list of visited nations (#47 and 48). It takes the lead in countries and is breathing down the neck of the mileage leader. 

Keep in mind that all this activity is taking place on the o…

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The home stretch, part 2

March 3, 2017

Racing SWAT Truck was placed in a cache in Washington called Dr. Scholls. Here's a photo:

After spending a sleepy 11 months in Kansas, GoLD Farm's Traveling Pig suddenly woke up and went to Michigan.

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The home stretch, part 1

March 3, 2017

Wow! With less than 2 days to go in the race, 09-09-09 Cloud Nine was picked up by a cacher (a pilot, maybe?) who has cached in 50 countries, and hopped from London to Portugal to Germany to Singapore! The overall mileage lead may be in danger (Kartchner Caverns, with 48,978, is only 1,252 miles ahe…

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Weekend highlights, 2/26

February 26, 2017

Becca's Way has journeyed to mainland England after touring the Isle of Man. According to the cache logs, it crossed the Irish Sea by ferry boat. We'll see if this racer is dropped on the island of Great Britain or returns to the Isle of Man.

JB's Racing Heart visited the cache at the tri-state b…

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Nations 43-45: 09-09-09 update

February 25, 2017

One week left in the Great TB March!

We're catching up with 09-09-09 Cloud 9 Multievent's adventures. After it left Finland in late January, it visited Brazil, Grenada, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Lucia, and then the previously noted Barbados. 3 of those island nations are new to the …

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Nation number 42: The Bahamas

February 21, 2017

Mileage leader Kartchner Caverns has logged the race's 42nd national visit, with a trip to the Bahamas. Looks like a great caching spot in February.

2-week recap (part 3)

February 20, 2017

Adventure point leader RBMAN'S Dog Tag has added another US state to its list, California. It's currently seeing the sights in and around Hollywood. It has a commanding lead in adventure points at 1,560.

Total adventure points earned by all racers? 5,438. Well done!

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2-week recap (part 2)

February 19, 2017

Mileage leader Kartchner Caverns is about to take a big leap again. According to the logs a trip to the Bahamas is about to commence, which would give us our 42nd national visit. Looks like this amazing racer, which has logged the APE cache in Brazil and even been to Antarctica, has more tricks up i…

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2-week recap (part 1): Texas' oldest, Portugal

February 19, 2017

2 weeks left in the Great TB March! We do have a few items on our wishlist:
- The only continent unvisited is Australia.
- Despite being very nearly visited and even sometimes surrounded, there are some European countries left unlogged. Sweden, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are among those…

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Island hopping in the Great TB March

February 5, 2017

There's an impressive list of islands that have been logged in the race. Here is just a partial list:

Cayman Islands
Falkland Islands
US Virgin Islands
British Virgin Islands
Power Island (Grand Traverse Bay, Lake Michigan)
Isle of Man
Great Britain
Hispaniola (Haitian side)

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40th national visit: Barbados

February 5, 2017

The 09-09-09 Cloud Nine Geocoin has logged the Great TB March's 40th country, the island nation of Barbados.

Weekend highlights, 2/5

February 5, 2017

One month left in the Great TB March! Here are all the racers that have logged at least 20k in overall mileage:
Caching USA
JB's Bug Will Travel
Kartchner Caverns State Park
Mrs HuntinTrea$ure Racer
Purple Racer
Race Me!
Racing SWAT Truck
RBMAN's Dog Tag
ParaCord Man

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Catching up with Kartchner

February 1, 2017

AF BEE just published some adventurous logs for Kartchner Caverns State Park, the new overall mileage leader. New continents and countries were unlocked for the race!

First Kartchner returned to Argentina, where it had already been in October. The second port of call on this Holland America Zaand…

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Weekend highlights, 1/28

January 28, 2017

35 days to go until the end of the race! For those in the Lincoln-Omaha area, please join us for the finish line event on March 5.

X Marks the Spot jumped from Illinois to Arizona, into a windmill cache cleverly called "Quixote's Adversary." The last escort for this racer posted some fun picture…

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Friends of the Great TB March (part 4)

January 28, 2017

Here are more friends of the Great TB March, the worldwide geocachers escorting our racers through rain, snow and dark of night.


GeJulie is taking Paracord Man around Slovakia.



Jaycop71 just took X Marks the Spot from Illinois to Arizona.



Toycruiser, wh…

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Map geek fun

January 23, 2017

This is what you get by combining the travel maps of all 5 top mileage racers:

2 sleeping racers wake up

January 22, 2017

2 racers that have been inactive woke up this weekend. Benchmark Racer and 3OK's Green Hippy Van are back on the move. Welcome back!

Spain, and more highlights this weekend

January 21, 2017

Over a dozen racers were active this last week; there are 42 days until the finish line.

X Marks the Spot Racer, which had been asleep in Missouri since July 17, suddenly found a cacher to hitchhike with and is back on the move. X Marks the Spot is one of the handful of racers that supposedly log…

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Weekend highlights, 1/14, part 3

January 15, 2017

RBMAN'S Dog Tag continues racking up the adventure points in Canada, champ of both changes and logs with photos. This racer has amassed an incredible 719 adventure points, and has an unbelievable 613 gallery images. One of the goals of the Great TB March is to promote the photo and storytelling adve…

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Weekend highlights, 1/14, part 2

January 15, 2017

JB's Bug Will Travel visited the southernmost geocache in the contiguous US, just off the coast of Florida near Key West, as well as Christmas Cache, Florida's oldest. This racer is going to be tough to beat in the adventure points contest, as the recent trip to the southeastern US has exploded its …

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